Make your clients happier with online customer support.

Make it easy to solve customer and employee issues in one fast and efficient place.

Offer online support quickly and efficiently on any device.

Let clients ask and report issues on any device.

Dynamic assignments to employees make you more efficient.

Generate an online support conversation with email notifications.

Responsive design makes reporting issues easy.

Re-direct issues to the right person.

Analyze your customer support performance.

Activate online support from any device.

Let clients, providers or employees get support from web and mobile devices using responsive design support templates.

Dynamically assign the right support issue to the right person in your organization using a combination of customer targets and support categories. Solve problems faster for happier customers and employees.

Email notifications keep everyone posted.

The minute an issue comes in your employees or agents will be notified if the issue is assigned to them.

Every answer notifies the customer to their email with a link to centralize the conversation and measure the time to solve an issue.

Happier people use the Modyo Support Application.

Create Assignment Rules

The right employees receive the right questions in one place.

Create Support Categories

Define the support categories to channel issues for faster resolution and better measurement.

Email Notifications

Everyone is notified to their email for faster responses and proper communication to the default place where people can track progress.

Multi-Device Templates

Modyo's responsive templates enable the support application to look good and work well across different browsers and devices.

Centralize your Support

Your entire support team has one control center to assign, re-assign, manage and track incoming customer and employee support issues.

Measure Perfomance

Measure every person and interaction to understand the volume, issues, and resolution of incoming support requests.