Modyo Customers

Customer Management Features

Connect and synchronize key customer data coming from your core business systems with data generated in Modyo Channels. Then use this data to segment customer targets and create scalable digital experiences.

Customer Profiling and Targeting

Create customer profiles by importing data from core business systems into Modyo.

Then, customer interactions in Modyo create logs that allow you to query in real time with Targets.

Using Targets, you can create customer segments to personalize content, promotions and widgets encouraging, the best sequence of actions for customer success.

Send Targeted Channel Notifications and Email

Easily create notifications and emails to send one-to-one and one-to-many messages to target user groups.

Create either an email or notification campaign, and use the campaign to send information to target customers within Modyo.

Measure every click and key interaction to generate every next-best action and increase conversion.

Key Features

Customer Profiles
to Make Data Actionable

Gather data such as session tracking across web and mobile, successful payments, and email clicks. Also, track explicit data as well, such as form responses, basic user demographics, and custom field information in each user profile.

Create Targets
to Segment Customers

Create customer targets based on dynamic filters from application and platform data as well as imported and synchronized data. As customers continue to interact with you, your ability to refine each customer segment increases over time.

Customer Data
Importing and Sync

Customers can authenticate via OpenID Connect or you can import their current information and organize customers by platform fields such as Name, Email, Birthdate, Gender, as well as by custom fields to match any data type in your core systems.

Custom Profile Fields
for a 360 Degree View

Import or sync any existing customer information into the Modyo platform by mapping them to custom fields. These field values can be used to refine customer segments and help personalize every customer's interaction with your brand.

Customer Tagging
for Quick Actions

Tag your customers to further segment and filter your database as you deliver highly personalized experiences. Or, use tags to help your teams as they work within the platform by configuring special conditions based on tag names.

Create a Form
to Easily Capture Data

Create and manage Forms to capture customer data and generate feedback from both new customers signing up, and existing customers with accounts. You can also target data forms to specific customer segments.

Download Customer Data
to CSV, Excel or use the API

Customer data can be downloaded as a CSV or XLSX file from within Modyo Customers and any data form. For large volumes of data use the Modyo API to manage customer data and generate reports with third party analysis tools.

Customer Insights
to Establish KPIs

Customer Insights shows activity based on user actions, logins, and more. Seeing the results of your latest campaigns, recent form responses, and total user engagement helps you quickly visualize all user actions across your channels.

Send Email and
Notification Campaigns

Send email and notification campaigns to target customers. Use Targets to segment your client database and refine the scope of each email or notification campaign, to ensure all your messages have the greatest impact.

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