Make it easy for customers to achieve their purpose with you.

Connect your customer database or CRM to build the right experiences for the right people.

Smart Data Forms for
smarter Digital Onboarding

Build data forms that motivate people to finish digital onboarding. Copy and paste any form in any site. Create, drag and drop the fields you need into a form and configure the form settings to determine who should be notified. Copy and paste data from Excel to populate a drop down field. Have one form response generate to activate another form.

Create Custom Fields and
connect to customer data

Create custom profiling fields to import customer databases directly into Modyo. Easily build rich customer profiles using custom fields for customer data management. Define whether the field will be editable by customers or available only to your customer experience team.

Dynamic customer targeting made simple

Act on incoming data by channeling data and interactions into customer targets for smarter actions and next steps. Create, drag and drop dynamic filters to easily segment customers into Targets. Modyo Targets power your capacity to show the right content, promotions and products to the right people.

Create and send targeted email to customers

Create email campaigns from within Modyo without having to add more complexity to your existing digital platforms. Modyo enables you to import and manage customer experience databases to create targets that are used to send and track email to millions of customers monthly.

Analyze and understand customer interactions

The customer experience in Modyo is powered by customer interactions. Modyo captures the interactions that make the most sense to create and evolve the best digital experiences. Analyze and understand the customer interactions that resonate best with your customers and produce high value digital objectives.

Modyo Customers personalizes your digital channels at scale.