Build the friendliest web and mobile experiences faster

ModyoDX™ Channels enables you to build the front end customer experience connected to your APIs with intelligent workflows, versions and security. Create your Front End Widgets faster than ever.

  • Front End Development Build in an environment designed for lightspeed development.
  • Content Management A digital resource creation process with powerful delivery.
  • Workflows Control digital production with smart review and approval.
  • Security & Governance Designate and define user roles with granular permissions.
  • API Connect your software with ours for faster widget building.

Learn how leading organizations use
ModyoDX™ Channels

Lightspeed Front End Development

Become the most agile development team ever with ModyoDX™ Channels for Front End Development. Use the ModyoDX™ development environment to write, review and publish into production faster than ever. Manage html, css, javascript templates, layout and widgets in one central hub.

Powerful Web Content Management

Drill down into a modern Content Management System where content and code come together to produce amazing layouts, landing pages, and campaigns that impact millions of people. With ModyoDX™ Customers you can activate targeted content to the right audience based on the right interactions.

Smarter Workflows

Empower your teams using roles and smart workflows. Create workflows related to content publishing. You can create separate workflows related to site publishing. The site publishing workflows provides a code review to help digital teams understand who did what before releasing to millions of people.

Better Security & Governance

ModyoDX™ Channels provides a platform that banks and other leading organizations have helped design to streamline important security processes. Everything from what code is accessible to how it is validated has been built to speed agile front end development while lowering the risk.

Faster Widget Building to Microservices

Build your industry widgets faster than ever connecting to your in house Microservices and API's. Generate intelligent customer experiences through custom and out of the box widgets. Use the ModyoDX™ widget builder to write, review and publish your widgets faster than ever.

Modyo is a software provider focused on delivering products and solutions for enterprise and financial institutions committed to accelerating their digital transformation and building better digital experiences.

Feature Summary

Front End Development

  • Create one or many sites in one hub
  • Build site layouts and reusable widgets
  • Create all Front End Code within ModyoDX™
  • Rollback to previous Front End versions
  • Drag and drop widgets onto layouts
  • Personalize all html, css and javascript

Web Content Management

  • Create content categories and tags
  • Manage Content via the API for web & mobile
  • Drag Content Widgets into Layouts.
  • Target Content to customer segments
  • Create a store or branch finder in minutes
  • Publish and un-publish events easily
  • Publish and un-publish promotions easily

Workflows & Version Control

  • Easily manage large digital teams
  • Provide the right person with the right role
  • Activate Workflows with Reviewers & Approvers
  • Audit and track who did what easily
  • Publish site versions easily and securely
  • Easily review all code changes between versions
  • Receive email notifications of workflow actions