Build and unify your digital channels in our cloud or yours.

Create omnichannel experiences faster with the Modyo builder for templates, pages and micro frontends.

Consolidate all your web and mobile sites in one platform

Build web sites for millions of people to onboard customers, create pages for better digital marketing and transactional channels in one place. Public and private transactional channels with an easy to manage digital channels solution.

Easily create digital experiences through templates and micro frontends to use across every channel

Manage your own portfolio of templates and widgets that you can drag and drop to build transactional channels for customers, landing pages to convert prospects to customers and any integrated digital experience to your core systems.

Use the same micro frontends for web and mobile experiences

Build widgets (micro frontends) that work across web and mobile apps with one platform. Learn about micro frontends and our approach to digital transformation through a micro frontend architecture.

Learn why Micro Frontends are important as a Front End Architecture

Activate team reviews for digital governance in your channels

Generate auditability, security, collaboration and speed when creating digital experiences. Modyo Team Review let's you invite in seconds the people that need to give their OK before publishing to millions of people.

Build omnichannel experiences with Modyo Channels