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Klare is a new insuretech focused on eliminating complexity and bureaucracy for millions of customers in Latin America through their innovative insurance products.


Solution Outcomes

Modyo Platform Architecture of reference Digital experience Headless Content Manager Micro Frontends Single Sign-on

Klare is the new insurtech that offers a differentiated experience, with simple processes and tailor-made options, which translate into more convenient prices thanks to digitization.

Klare is a 100% digital insurance broker whose goal is to launch innovative new insurance products, starting with life insurance, and aims to eliminate complexity and bureaucracy for millions of customers in Latin America.


Get more speed and flexibility to create digital channels, integrating different technologies with a digital experience platform.


Modyo facilitated the creation of a highly flexible website in less than a month. After their training, the digital teams were able to easily develop and integrate new digital experiences as well as manage content for different purposes.


The launch of a 100% online digital channel in less than a month, in conjunction with the creation of multi-device digital experiences and micro frontend widgets that are easy to integrate with other systems through APIs.

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